Zweiton: “Gestalt” Digipack CD and digital 13th October 2023 Self Released.

Zweiton: "Gestalt" Digipack CD and digital 13th October 2023 Self Released.
Zweiton: "Gestalt" Digipack CD and digital 13th October 2023 Self Released.
Zweiton: “Gestalt” Digipack CD and digital 13th October 2023 Self Released.

Zweiton: “Gestalt” Digipack CD and digital 13th October 2023 Self Released. German Progressive / Indus / Shredder band.

Anchor and Burden‘s guitarist Alexander Paul Dowerk, is back with a full album after eleven years. This time he went further in the music creativity, out of the ordinary sound we are used to listening to. Progressive fans will probably love it. It still has some special feel to it. First of all, Alexander sings in his mother tongue: German. 

Unless you are keen on this language, it is very hard for people like me to appreciate fully when I don’t understand the language. A fully accomplished art by dissecting the music style, and very detailed cover artwork that would need an LP version such it has things to see. Alexander is an awesome artist, demonstrating his skills with his eight-string guitar.  Playing with taping style which is becoming much more real playing those days.

While he also designed the album and composed the music and lyrics (Vocals, Touch Guitars, Acoustic Guitar (9), Synths (6, 9)), Svetlana Atorina designed the cover artwork. Astonish work looks like a huge painting that gives beautiful art when the box is opened. He composed and recorded vocals and guitar, between 2015 – 2017 which makes this album a must with all the work done after so many years.

Have a taste:

This album is embarking you into Alexander Paul Dowerks world. You may feel absorbed by a science fiction movie falling into the abyss of weirdness. This is art, there is no other description. As music pushes the boundaries, you can hear a song with vocal lines in a RAP way. Screaming one in another song, and speaking like type. I supposed each song has a very specific theme that brings all those changes.

It’s very technical, cutting edges sound. Instruments you wouldn’t even think of unless you know they are in the making. Difficult to describe except progressive music with a digital sound. Nine Songs sends you into a madness world which describes where we are living right now in this world. Deep dive into this mystery complex sound.

Influences are varied, you will find your own taste. From Yes, Dream Theater, Mekong Delta, and many more.

The band members :

Troy Jones – Drums
Jaime Mc Gill – Bass Clarinet (1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 9)
Carolina Eyck – Theremin (9)

All songs composed and produced by Alexander Paul Dowerk
Touch Guitars and Vocals recorded 2015-2017 Berlin
Mixed by Markus Reuter and Benjamin Schäfer, except (2) mixed by Markus Reuter
Additional vocal treatments (5) by Tobias Reber
Additional drum editing by Christopher Jan Herb
Mastered by Lee Fletcher

Not many know Theremin’s instrument, listening to the album we think about the keyboard and such. We have all seen it but musicians who play it regularly are not known much. Back in the early eighties, Jean Michel Jarre (an amazing French musician) used a laser to make sounds with his hands. The theremin is not that different except it is small and less dangerous. You don’t touch anything just move your hands on top while the waves are creating sounds. Caroline Eyck is mastering it and so plays beautifully in this album.

A monster album in many ways, filled with amazing musicians leveling up the game in the music.

A must-have piece of art 100/100.

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