Leather Witch : “Self Titled” CD & LP 2020 Steel Shark Records .

Leather Witch : "Self Titled" CD & LP 2020 Steel Shark Records .
Leather Witch : "Self Titled" CD 2020 STEEL SHARK Records .
Leather Witch : “Self Titled” CD 2020 Steel Shark Records .

Leather Witch : “Self Titled” CD & LP 2020 Steel Shark Records . Colombian Heavy Metal band. 

A little bit late in reviewing this band, I had the album early 2020 since the band released their album and wanted exposure. While I was very busy with life event a French underground label decided to re-release and sell their album. Started three years ago , surrounded by professional musicians with years of experience. The band recruited Tania Ospina to blast their songs with a powerful voice to hit the world like a bomb.

Like most they suffered little line up change , but the music is set to stay and forged the band’s mark. A good travel back in time, for sure Leather Witch sounds like it’s coming right from ’83 Heavy Metal era! Some speed, heavy pouding riffs and an agressive voice with kick ass tune.

Awesome cover artwork design, in the Metal way blasting sight giving you a hint of what to expect. We can say the band knows the receipt of great Heavy Metal. It is excellent and makes you head bang like mad. They have a great image with several good videos to make sure you won’t forget them so fast. It’s row; it’s Heavy , it’s everything Metal needs. 

Have a listen :

If you love Heavy Metal you will jump on the release of this brilliant band. Limited LP and few cds, it’s not to be missed. Leather Witch has made a trace in the music history and we will hear about them for long.

Influences ranging from Ozzy Osbourne, Bitch, Accept, W.A.S.P, David Chastain, Loudness, RAGE, Anvil, Metallica, Angel Witch…Some serious riffs and addicting songs.

Like a way back in time, this album is right to kick some ass and keep Heavy Metal alive , awesome album to own 99/100.

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