Mia-Klose : “London” CD 2012 DMD Music .

Mia-Klose : "London" CD 2012 DMD Music .
Mia-Klose : "London" CD 2012 DMD Music .
Mia-Klose : “London” CD 2012 DMD Music .

Mia-Klose : “London” CD 2012 DMD Music . Swedish / English Heavy Metal band. When a swedish girl lives in the UK you can’t expect more than an explosion for your ears. While Swedish musicians are the best to kick ass playing the tunes from the eighties without trouble , the Uk has also some brilliant musicians.

So there is no doubt this album is a masterpiece. She has got it all, the rock look , the gorgeous face and an amazing voice! Added the amazing power tunes with awesome guitarist riffs, this is a must for your collection. That little girl is a rockstar and joins the Women of Metal without a question.

So in case you haven’t got it, a bombshell that rocks the world called Mia Klose surrounded by Danny drama who is responsible for the awesome guitar riffs and the awesome mix,  and other musicians that blew your mind.

If you love the eighties best AOR / Heavy Metal bands then this is for you ! Influences ranging from Bonfire, Dokken, Lee Aaron, Saraya, Guns ‘n Roses, Warrant…

Just have a taste and get her albums :

The booklet has two sides making you choose which cover you want to choose from. You can also bent it over since they are plenty of Mia photos inside, she is the top rock model so it is full of love inside ahah.  You have one picture with the two musicians who apparently have the most participated to the conception of that amazing album.

Eight tracks of happiness that blast straight from the first note, “You Drive Me Crazy”, “Living for Tomorrow” , “Lady Killer”…. only great songs to please your days.

Since this album is few years older , you can still get it from her site. Her new album is coming soon so check her out and follow this thunderstorm princess. She is amazing and certainly a lovely person such as Doro can be 100/100.

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