God : “III Holy Spirit” CD 7th August 2018 Released Independently.

God : "III Holy Spirit" CD 7th August 2018 Released Independently.
God : "III Holy Spirit" CD 7th August 2018 Released Independently.
God : “III Holy Spirit” CD 7th August 2018 Released Independently.

Review: GOD – GOD III Holy Spirit

Written by Brett Kihlmire

This year marks the third release from the enigmatic prog outfit, GOD, and longtime fans will be pleased to know the band has brought back their big sound with a couple new tricks thrown in for good measure.

Soaring leads, chugging rhythms, and impressive technical abilities are the key elements of GOD across all three albums and the base sound is largely unchanged for this third outing. From start to finish you’re in for a wild but beautiful musical journey that touches on faith and philosophy without ever uttering a word – the band’s name and track titles are the only strands of story you’ll find on this instrumental album.

Like most prog albums, this is lengthy release with some songs as long as nine and a half minutes! For some this is just too long, but prog fans will agree that this is standard. Given the instrumental nature of the album it easy to get lost in the music and just enjoy yourself without thinking about what track you’re on. This is a definite strength of the album, however, after three albums there’s a yearning for some form of vocals – angelic choirs or Gregorian chanting would be more befitting of the band rather than a lead singer.

Despite the lack vocals, the instruments are more than enough. The complexity of the music found on this album and its predecessors are simply incredible. The musicians featured are clear masters of their craft (or is it just one man? Very few truly know who’s behind GOD) and the talent flows. Each song is complex trip that’s best enjoyed when you can escape reality for an hour or two and just enjoy the nuances of the music. I recommend listening to this album closely for the first few times because the harmony and transitions are simply amazing. One moment you’re enjoying the a wailing solo, the next a breakdown strikes and you’re feeling the rumble of a baritone bass and drums and back again. Versatility is without question a word synonymous with the works of GOD.

An instrumental album running over an hour in length, I could write a novella detailing the complex nature of each song if I went track by track, but that would take far too long, so I’ll just say this. GOD III is progressive metal by the book. It’s heavy at times, soft and airy at others, while serving as a platform for pure musical skill. Each song tells a story without the use of words within the audio, or any vocals at all. It’s magical journey that even one with little interest, or even a dislike of the Christian mythology, can enjoy. Honestly, GOD III is the kind of album that you can put in and relax to. No preaching, no message, just pure prog metal written and played from the heart. 9/10

Buy it from their bandcamp page.

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