Mike Tramp :”Stray From The Flock” CD & LP & Cassette Target Records.

Mike Tramp :"Stray From The Flock" CD & LP & Cassette Target Records.
Mike Tramp :"Stray From The Flock" CD & LP & Cassette Target Records.
Mike Tramp :”Stray From The Flock” CD & LP & Cassette Target Records.

Mike Tramp :”Stray From The Flock” CD & LP & Cassette Target Records. USA Denmark  Rock / Country / Folk band. The melodies and charming voice are still there with a twist of the best music we all love. Writing his life history and playing acoustic riffs that fit it all, the man cannot disappoint anyone! No doubt he still got tons of fans who followed his new career since we discovered him with White lion .

Although he has grown up as an old man and we grew up with him, he hasn’t lost that magic voice he feels has changed. A journey in Mike‘s head riding his bike through the country with the wind in the hair. This is a really good album he has written for the pleasure of our ears. Full of emotions , you get addicted by those great tunes.

Mike Tramp Knows the way to create good hit singles and believe me this album is a masterpiece on itself! You will play it over and over again, and the must is you can get it in every formats like back in the days wish will ravish the fans. You can read his interview in The Metal Mag and why not getting yourself a printed issue or a pdf one that is all your choice.

The Metal Mag N°27 January / Februray 2019
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Check one of his song :

Having great and talented musicians friends he made his songs flying like a soft cloud, immersing your heart full of love and passion. He has no shame playing live dates alone with his guitar and is actually on tour in the states . Don’t miss your chance to meet and see him he is a great fella and awesome musician as well.

His music will give you the influences from many awesome bands :REM, Bob Dylan , Dolly Parton , Pink Floyd , Eagles,…And many talented people behind this masterpiece that will hit the billboard on top of the charts pretty fast!

Recorded by Kristian Dalsgaard @ Ark Studio, Copenhagen, Denmark 

Additional Recording: Claus Langeskov, Tramp, Kenny Korade, Marcus Nand 

Additional Recording: Soren Andersen @ Medley Studio, Copenhagen, Denmark 

Mixed & Mastered by Peter Masson @ Mir Studio, Stockholm, Sweden 

CD, LP & Tape Finalizing: Henrik West 

A & R: Michael H. Andersen 

Photos & Album Cover Design: Jakob Muxoll 

Layout: Søren Weiss 

The Band of Brothers 

Mike Tramp: Vocal, Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Würlitzer 

Claus Langeskov: Bass, Keyboards, Backing Vocals 

Kenni Andy: Drums & Percussion 

Henrik Berger: Guitar – 5 & 7 

Marcus Nand: Guitar – 1 & 9 

Oliver Steffensen: Guitar – 3 & 4 

Soren Andersen: Guitar – 2 & 6 

Kenny Korade: Guitar – 8 

Morten Buchholz: Hammond Organ & Piano 

Emily Garriock Langeskov: Backing Vocals 

Here is the list of the strong team that realized that amazing album that will make a trace in music history. This is perfect and everyone should own this album that in a way regroups all the greats tunes made for decades.Melodies , feelings, passion, life, love .. it’s all here for the pleasure of your ears. One of the best album for 2019. A beauty in this world of painful times , let yourself go and fly away from the scratch of the earth to meet the angels in the cloud 100/100.


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