PowerTribe : “Prepare For Battle” CD & Digital 14th September 2018 Independent Release.

PowerTribe : "Prepare For Battle" CD 14th September 2018 Independent Release.
PowerTribe : "Prepare For Battle" CD & Digital 14th September 2018 Independent Release.
PowerTribe : "Prepare For Battle" CD 14th September 2018 Independent Release.
PowerTribe : “Prepare For Battle” CD 1 Digital  14th September 2018 Independent Release.

PowerTribe : “Prepare For Battle” CD 14th September 2018 Independent Release. USA Heavy Metal band. Trio band led by the amazing Missy Percifield who sings and play the bass as the aranging keyboard sound on the album. She is also responsible for the design of the cover album design. Darren Stroud the man behind all guitar riffs and shreds.  John Chominsky the man driving the train to the power station. John has been the drummer of Edge of Paradise for years and is now playing with many other formations such as SYNN, Final Gravity and PowerTribe.

We have a team of great musicians who released an awesome album that blows you away and you can’t stop listening to. From the first note until the end you will be taken into a fast entertaining train that won’t let you out. It is pounding Heavy riffs, a charming voice getting you addicted by the melodies and enchanting Missy ‘s one.

You are feeling lifted from the ground entering into another world. They are mixing all their influences from Classical music to Rock to Heavy Metal and gives this masterpiece. An explosion of your senses blow your blood cells to energise your body to feel so bloody good.

Missy Percifield has sometimes tunes similar to London Wilde from WildeStarr, mixed with the melodies of Kate Bush giving a special vibe, combined with some Dio high pitch ones. She is an extraordinary “little” woman with many talents and is a driving force to the songs among Darren Stroud who is like many shredders, sometimes having Malmsteen licks, sometimes Satriani ones… He even has some rock passages in the vein of Mark Knopfler ‘s Dire Straits. I even can hear some Georges Lynch similarities..John Chominsky much known for cool moment in Edge of Paradise ‘s style is here very powerful kicking with strong and heavy determination with some speed in few songs.

Certain songs have that Opera Rock style and Prog moments. The whole album is a journey to an amazing and powerful music blending all music styles in one giving that strong lovely feeling, once you have pushed the  start button you can not let go. It will drive you crazy as hell. You are going to worship this band !

Here is a little taste :

Influences ranging from Rainbow, Deep Purple, Ozzy Osbourne, Queensryche, Europe, Judas Priest, Loudness… with a little teint here and there of Asian melodies.

This is a masterpiece and needs to get followed and loved 100/100.

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