Screaming for Vengeance : One on One with Kelsey Wilson from Blade Killer

Screaming for Vengeance : One on One with Kelsey Wilson from Blade Killer with Matt Drummond
Screaming for Vengeance : One on One with Kelsey Wilson from Blade Killer with Matt Drummond
Screaming for Vengeance : One on One with Kelsey Wilson from Blade Killer with Matt Drummond
Screaming for Vengeance : One on One with Kelsey Wilson from Blade Killer with Matt Drummond

“Screaming for Vengeance” : One on One with Kelsey Wilson from Blade Killer.

Written by: Matt Drummond

About a year ago, I came across a band by the name of Blade Killer. Belting out a traditional heavy metal tour de force, I was immediately drawn to their sound. As I listened to their four track EP, I found myself hungry for more, but when? Well, it appears that time is imminent.

Between finding the right label, cementing in a permanent drummer, and numerous other hindrances, the band has finally figured out the right formula. The members of Blade Killer are family. That’s one reason why it was so difficult for Carlos, Jay, Jonathan, and Kelsey to mesh with a new drummer.

“We were excited to announce Peter Lemieux as our new drummer. Coming from the east coast, playing in bands like Walprygus, and Widow, we knew his background would definitely fit our style. Through a few friends, I was introduced to Peter. I contacted him to see if he was interested in trying out, which he was, and he basically nailed everything we gave to him. He’s an amazingly solid drummer, and meshes with us perfectly. It’s been difficult finding the right drummer, it’s like joining a family. Previously, we had Carlos Cruz from Warbringer filling in. Let’s just say it wasn’t easy following that kind of talent up, but Peter killed it, and I knew we shouldn’t hesitate on the opportunity to have him as a member of Blade Killer.”

     Kelsey Wilson

With Blade Killer welcoming their newest family member, that didn’t mean the road was clear quite yet. Recording, and mastering talents, were also an issue which needed to be addressed. After some consideration, the band has gone with M-Theory Audio, out of Las Vegas, Nevada.

“We had a few offers, but we were really hesitant to sign because we didn’t want the creative control to be out of our hands.on the album. Internally, I believe we hold the importance of SIT, we don’t want to lose control of what’s ours. M-theory was a perfect fit for us. Marco understood our concerns, and helped ease what hesitations we had. The guys at M-Theory have been great to us so far, and really patient. I’m definitely excited to be putting the album out through them.”

     Kelsey Wilson

As the stars have begun to align for Blade Killer, there dedication has shined extraordinarily bright. There is zero quit in this band, and they will never settle for anything less than perfect. Having first hand knowledge of how hard this band has worked, I asked Kelsey how good it felt to finally be on the home stretch.

“it’s a relief, I’ve learned so much from this process, I think the whole band has. There’s still some things we have to do for the album, like finishing up the artwork. However, the tasks ahead of us now are much more manageable than before. This album has definitely taken us longer than we were hoping. We had to re record the album a few times, it just didn’t sound right to us initially. I had stressed so much, and for so long about getting the album out, that now I’ve just allowed the universe to take control of things. Instead of fighting the process, I’m learning to work, and grow with it. Timing is key, and there’s a reason why things went the way they did.”

     Kelsey Wilson

Even though Blade Killer has only released 5 songs to date, they’ve established a loyal fan base, who are waiting for the new album intently. The new album also allows the band to have more versatility in their setlists. As exciting as it is for fans to hear the new material, I asked Kelsey how excited she was to start playing more songs live.

“It’s exciting to let people hear what we’re capable of, beyond the EP. The EP was a great foundation, but in my opinion, the new material is stronger, heavier, and really shows the evolution of the band, without losing the feel, and simplicity of the EP. Seeing that we only started with 4 tracks, and a few covers, it’s rewarding to play new material, and especially seeing the fans reaction to it.”

     Kelsey Wilson 

Like I said earlier, I’ve been aware of how hard Blade Killer has worked for a while now. In my opinion, what this band has endured would drop many bands down to their knees. However, when it comes to Blade Killer, quitting has never been an option, and now it’s time for them to start screaming for vengeance.

“I’ve been in different bands, but Blade Killer is really the first band that I’ve been with since the beginning. I just have this loyalty, that can’t be broken. I strongly believe in what we play, I love the music. I also love the guys in the band, I couldn’t ask for better people to be in a band with, they’re my bros for sure. I believe we have something special, something different. Giving up, or quitting will never be an option, or consideration for me, isn’t something I’ll ever consider.”

     Kelsey Wilson


The new record will be titled; ‘High Risk’, and the plan is to have it released by the end of June. Blade Killer is officially on the attack once again, and fans should expect raw brutality. They’re flush with talent, passionate, and hungry for the road. Expectations will be high for the new record, but I find it hard to believe that they won’t hack their way through any doubters, just like they did the numerous obstacles they’ve already faced. 

Check the band’s bandcamp page for the music and buying their stuff!


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