Catalytic : “The Fall” CD Autumn 1017 self release.

Catalytic : "The Fall" CD Autumn 2017 self release.
Catalytic : "The Fall" CD Autumn 2017 self release.
Catalytic : "The Fall" CD self release.
Catalytic : “The Fall” CD Autumn 1017 self release.

Catalytic : “The Fall” CD Autumn 1017  self release.

Written by: Matt Drummond

Indianapolis’ patron saint, Catalytic, are back and they continue to stomp on doubters. If you’re a fan of bands like Killswitch Engage, these guys are an absolute must listen. They give it everything they have, on ‘The Fall’, and just like their first release, it’s a bruiser.

When Catalytic released their first album, ‘Voice of Reason’, in 2014, the future seemed all but written for this band. Circling the the metal scene in Indianapolis, the band had absolutely zero intentions on remaining a local band. While playing as many shows as they possibly could, Catalytic also began writing new material. The plan was to release ‘The Fall’ through two separate EP releases, and the plan seemed to be going exactly as planned. Unfortunately, life had a different path it was going to force the band to take.

In the recent months, Catalytic was thrown two brutal curveballs, which they had not prepared for. Those curveballs, didn’t dip out of the way, but rather hit the band square in the forehead. The first, was the departure of their drummer, and the second, was the departure of one of their guitarists.

For a band in the midst of making a name for themselves, these would have been debilitating blows that would have marked the end. The remaining members of Catalytic saw things differently than most however, and quitting never crossed their mind. Hardships such as this, truly test the resolve of a band, and they showed tremendous moxie in the throes of tremendous adversity.

The music business is tough, but the ones who have the guts to put love over hardship, are destined to succeed. Dustin Strole (vocals), Dustin Chavez (guitar), and Derek Ware (bass) have chosen to stand up, rather than cower in defeat, and i tip my hat to these metal brothers.

On September 16, 2017, Catalytic released the first half of, ‘The Fall’. The second half, was recently given to me, and will be available very soon as well.

My immediate reaction to ‘The Fall’, was basically identical to my immediate reaction of 2014s ‘Voice of Reason’. I thought to myself, “how are these guys so unknown?” After a short intro, the album welcomes track two, ‘Blinded by Hate’. The third track, ‘The Oppression’. Strole unloads a guttural scream, and the voltage only continues to be turned up from there.

Song, after song, is littered with grinding riffs, and perfectly executed transitions. ‘The Fall’ isn’t an album tossed together to get something out, it’s a calculated barrage of melodic metal. The sound remains true to Catalytic. This band knows exactly how they want to deliver their music, and it’s done their way.

Each song delivers a shiver up your spine, as well as a powerful, inspirational message. They don’t go for shock value, they go for the love of the music, and it shows. Whether it’s, ‘Bottom Feeder’, or ‘The Siege’, Catalytic burns up this entire album.

This is definitely an album I highly recommend checking out. Not only that, but if you think you have what it takes to play in a band like this, you might just get that opportunity  86/100.

The band is looking for a new drummer :

Age 21-35.

Professional Gear.

We’d like to have video footage of you playing to the songs and of you playing in general.

Able to play to a click track.

Ability to play sample tracks for live performances.

Able to tour out weekend or even a weekly.

All inquiries into Catalytic can be sent to: [email protected]

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