Christ Dismembered : “Self Titled” CD & Digital 27th may 2017.

Christ Dismembered : "Self Titled" CD & Digital 27th may 2017.
Christ Dismembered : "Self Titled" CD & Digital 27th may 2017.
Christ Dismembered : "Self Titled" CD & Digital 27th may 2017.
Christ Dismembered : “Self Titled” CD & Digital 27th may 2017.

Christ Dismembered : “Self Titled” CD & Digital 27th may 2017.

Written by Kelly Tee.

Close my eyes and let Black Metal cleanse me from the threat of the seemingly good and pure. A scene of a church starts to imprint my mind, however the sinister sounds that I hear in my headphones from the introductory instrumental to this album makes me feel a sense of dread, as if something terrible is occurring, something ungodly, something very forbidden and ominous. From here, I am quickly thrown into the brilliantly dark and unholy world of Christ Dismembered. My heart races and my emotions flow, this music is Black Metal, this is how it affects me, this is my music world.

Christ Dismembered are: Plague on drums, NecroSatan who does vocals, Ominous on bass and backing vocals and The Sadist on guitar and backing vocals. Formed in Millicent South Australia in 2012 the band started out with just Plague and NecroSatan writing all the lyrics and music which would later be the work that went onto their debut self-titled album. In 2015 Ominous joined the band and this was the beginning of their stage performance experiences.  In 2016, their second guitarist, The Sadist joined and from here these boys have not looked back as the momentum built with force, seeing Christ Dismembered performing live at a steady rate. Christ Dismembered’s debut self-titled album was released for sale, in 2017.

This band are no strangers to playing alongside some big name bands of the National and International Black Metal community, and have supported shows for Uada, Grave Miasma and Anglecorpse to name a few.  I was fortunate enough to experience Christ Dismembered live recently. These 4 Aussie boys truly do feed the crowd with raw, nasty, some may say sinful Black Metal with obvious adversary toward Christianity with their satanic lyrics and imagery.

Christ Dismembered’s self-titled album is a treat to the ears of the Black Metal inclined, with themes around hatred, revenge and the anti-Christ, this 8 track album will not disappoint you in any way. Expect a murky and unlit journey of unrelenting,  unnerving, angry and forceful music.  There is a good stain of True Norwegian Black Metal influence given the themes and sound which are ramped with accurate distortion and all elements pointing toward an ode to preserving this unique metal sub-genre.

“Spit Forth Your Lies” is the first and one of many threatening songs of their debut album. All 8 tracks did not disappoint and were intensely exquisite. This music impelled my mind into all sorts of brilliant hell. At no point do you have any reprieve as this album keeps building until you have a sense of dread with no way of escape. NecroSatan’s vocals are well suited for this genre as he showcases exceptional range and power of low gutturals and stomach twisting Black Metal screams.

This album is full of super charged moody, creative, obscure, opposing Black Metal. Expect inviting introductions to many of their songs, while others on this album will crush you without warning. There is no respite for the Devil at any point, yet if you think deeper on the concept of Christ Dismembered’s lyrics, you might find opposition and hostility toward the contradictions within ALL religion and institutions.

Christ Dismembered will tear you apart, evoke havoc in your mind and create a sense of dismay and horror in such a way that Black Metal does. Therefore, you should ensure you set your volume to LOUD.

The band are busy writing material for their second full length album and I have been told by NecroSatan we should prepare for “amplified by infinite amounts”. Christ Dismembered have created a big fan in me, and I for one can not wait to hear what they give us next.

Christ Dismembered are vicious, blackened and secular metal.  I encourage you to explore their work on Bandcamp and YouTube.

Their controversial and good quality merchandise is available on BandCamp at great prices and their album; Christ Dismembered is available digitally on BandCamp and Spotify.

Follow the band on FaceBook to keep up to date with all the band news, gig guide and recording updates.

Christ Dismembered band live
Christ Dismembered band live



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