Abstract The Light : “From Out Of the Void” Digipack CD Talheim Records.

Abstract The Light : "From Out Of the Void" Digipack CD Talheim Records.
Abstract The Light : "From Out Of the Void" Digipack CD Talheim Records.
Abstract The Light : "From Out Of the Void" Digipack CD Talheim Records.
Abstract The Light : “From Out Of the Void” Digipack CD Talheim Records.

Reviewed by Kelly Tuimaualuga

I am walking down a path in a dark forest, I know there are ominous presences around me. I do not know who or what they are, however I know they are not of this world. I feel scared yet intrigued to walk further down the path in this dark and cold place.  The walk I am taking becomes darker the further I travel along and as the mist becomes thicker across the path, the light dims and I feel very alone and worried for what I might see if I keep walking. 

The above is a description of how I felt and what I imagined when I listened to Abstract The Light’s amazing 40 minute EP, From Out Of the Void.  You don’t just listen to this EP, you experience it. This stunning CD took me on a solitude journey to a mysterious realm – somewhat middle earth of the darkest kind.

Abstract The Light formed in 2015 in Adelaide SA, Australia and is made up of band members’ Ben Sheehan on vocals and guitar, Matt Brown on guitars, Ben Veniamin on bass and Brody Green on drums. Since the success of their EP: From Out Of The Void, the boys have been hard at it, writing and producing more deadly black tracks for their first full length album, which is due for release in 2019.

Abstract The Light are an Avant Garde Black Metal band and their experimental touches within the Black Metal genre are so inspiring, risky and brave. These great men challenge the Black Metal status quo with introduction of acoustic guitar, clean vocals that brings a haunting element by Ben Sheehan who also gives amazing guttural growls with such pain and conviction that should come with any great Black Metal band. Add to this a sensational rhythmic drum track, which intermittently gives a break to the fantastic Black Metal blast beats that can also be heard throughout the entire EP, makes for something very special. 

The EP is made up of 4 entrancing and moving tracks, each vastly different from each other and with each track staying true to the Avant Garde style of Black Metal yet still rooted deeply to the guts of what Black Metal is. 

Abstract The Light are a unique & brutal musical experience who have imprinted a footmark by creating original elements to the Black Metal scene.  The lyrical content is moving and dark and clearly driven by life experience and pain, particularly in the intense 3rd track off the EP:  Doom – From Birth To Burial. Every inch of agony can be felt and heard as Ben pushes his jarring growls out to smash the ear drums of the listener. You cannot help but feel very moved.

From Out Of The Void EP comes in a impressive 5 panel digipack with an artistic 16 page booklet and can be purchased via the bands Facebook page directly, or via Abstract The Light’s record label Talheim Records.

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