Furies : “Unleash the furies” K7 2 titres self release 19 May 2017

Furies : "Unleash the furies" K7 2 titres self release
Furies : "Unleash the furies" K7 2 titres self release
Furies : “Unleash the furies” K7 2 titres self release 19 May 2017


Furies : “Unleash the furies” K7 2 titres self release 19 May 2017. French Heavy Metal band.Two women and two men, bringing some of the best tunes we used to hear in the early 80’s. Speed, melody and entertaining your soul to mosh and headbang like mad. This is a pure masterpiece and after listening to these two tracks you’ll beg for more such it’s good. The lady singer playing bass has a beautiful and melodic voice that will enchant your soul like a magic siren who brings you to fly and get your blood boiling with pleasure. The guitar solos are taking your breath away you will jump everywhere like a crazy cat. All these madness couldn’t be possible to kick your ass without the lady behind the drums who pounds so hard it feels like you are  driving on the highway with your V8 mustang. Feel the freedom, feel the power , feel the Furies!!!

The awesome cover shows you the furies ready to take over the Metal scene and explode your brains cos they are hungry. There is only one thing to say : buy or die. One of the best tunes you will hear today! 100/100

Unleash The Furies sort aujourd’hui / Out today!
K7 deux titres dispo partout: tapeavailable everywhere
▶️ Sur Furiesofficial.com en Rose, Jaune, Bleu ou Noir (code de téléchargement inclus) / Pink, Yellow, Bleu, Black (download code inside) ❤️ et lundi lors de notre prochain live parisien @ Le Klub !

En numérique  / Digital:
▶️ iTunes : http://apple.co/2ri4pR5
▶️ Google Play Music : http://bit.ly/2pCszsW
▶️ Deezer : http://bit.ly/2rypeZt
▶️ Spotify : http://spoti.fi/2rz2wQH
…et même chez JAY Z huh huh huh! http://bit.ly/2qEGZWM

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