Global Scum : “Odium” CD 19th July 2019 NRT Records.

Global Scum : "Odium" CD 19th July 2019 NRT Records.
Global Scum : "Odium" CD 19th July 2019 NRT Records.
Global Scum : "Odium" CD 19th July 2019 NRT Records.
Global Scum : “Odium” CD 19th July 2019 NRT Records.

Global Scum : “Odium” CD 19th July 2019 NRT Records. Austria Thrash / Hardcore / Indus Metal band. Second album from mastermind Manuel Harlander who has released another kick ass explosion project. Started two years ago , he never stops creating and with the help of the new technology is easier than back in the days.

Yet the influences from the nineties are well scared into those compositions with a more digitalized sound. It’s obvious the man is a fan of Max cavalera‘s playing style. The eastern countries like to use strong war demolition photos that hit the eyes with a punch. When you never heard of the band before you think this is another Grind Metal band but it is not at all (even if in one song you have that feel with the growl).

The first track which is the intro to the album is a bit weird to me with an Indus digital sound, then it moves through the songs towards some sounds we heard in the nineties with Nail Bomb and then Soulfly. I even heard a bit of Fear Factory sound in the first songs.

So the guitar is very down tuned but have some Thrash riffs reminding Exhumed style. The ‘fun’ passages from Hardcore bands giving that ‘Groove‘ feeling and a Punkish vibe to the whole. Bio-hazard is somehow responsible for those parts…

Have a taste :

You got the picture , a punchy right in your face power to kick your day with pleasure. Some parts reminding me The Exploited , the thirteen songs album is full of influences from diverse bands with explosive contents and lyrics. Mixed up with samples giving a special atmosphere an ending it nicely with a Death Metal song to get you playing play again. A Metal album to the core!

This is a total mosh for the pleasure of Metal Heads who like being in the pit during live shows so you may want to move while you have the music on a headphone, be careful it punches you every time. Produced and mastered by Christian Schmid (Suicidal Angels, Mystic Prophecy, FireForce) in the Music Factory Studio.

Global Scum is bringing you a blasting album to have fun and power to explode your life with pleasure and fun, if you like those groovy tunes get the album now 97/100.

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