Sevi : “Follow Me” CD & Digital 9th March 2019 Self Released.

Sevi : "Follow Me" CD & Digital 9th March 2019 Self Released.
Sevi : "Follow Me" CD & Digital 9th March 2019 Self Released.
Sevi : “Follow Me” CD & Digital 9th March 2019 Self Released.

Sevi : “Follow Me” CD & Digital 9th March 2019 Self Released.  Bulgaria AOR / Hard Rock band. Svetlana Bliznakova is back with her magical voice and powerful tunes. Melodies and melting tunes to get you addicted for life. This new album has a different touch more open to a wider audience.

The first track is sending you into a high top single to hit the waves with a strong power to blow all the stations. Samples and heavy guitars joining all of the modern bands. Second song is already known from all the fans as the video was released months before.

So listening to this album is not a surprise but just an accomplishment of what has been in the works for a while. Everything is well written to conquer the world. You even have that old song “The Call” that was already a great song and has been slightly modified from the previous version.

The song “The Art of War” is sung with Thomas Vikstrom exploding your senses. The power of Svetlana is already kicking hard but with the addition of Thomas it gives a special feel. I can’t get enough of this power melodic tunes. The band is on tour and will unleash their chains to the mighty fans head banging like mad.

Those catchy songs are getting into your blood and you fall in love at first note to find yourself into a tornado of lovely sensation only Sevi knows how to play. Believe me you will listen to this album for days and decades. Piano and heavy guitars with powerful vocals.

The journey sends you into a pleasure world, the song “Hell and Back” has the amazing Evanescence ‘s guitarist Jen Majura that boost the album with a Heavy Metal twist.

Check this song :

Influences ranging from Evanescence, Edge of Paradise, Kim Wilde, Europe, Within Temptation, Ozzy Osbourne, Heal…Having musical background you can hear a lot of eighties pop tunes mixed with modern and older Metal bands. It shows the range of Svetlana ‘s voice and her potential into singing in every musical style.

She is bewitching your soul to fall in love like a mermaid. There is no doubt this eleven songs album is full of passion and love that will explode the charts , so go on get this masterpiece 100/100.

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