Vicious Nature : “VII” CD 2018 1st July 2018 Self Released.

Vicious Nature : "VII" CD 2018 1st July 2018 Self Released.
Vicious Nature : "VII" CD 2018 1st July 2018 Self Released.
Vicious Nature : “VII” CD 2018 1st July 2018 Self Released.

Vicious Nature : “VII” CD 2018 1st July 2018 Self Released. UK Thrash Metal band.

Born from the ashes of Marshall Law, three ex-members decided to create a new explosive band. A new way of expressing themselves with a different music approach. United with other musicians to gain a strong line up , all members have been into known formations. Resulting in an awesome band to blow the world with passion and anger.

Started in 2012 the band who knows all the places and ways for every live shows, got onto the Hammerfest V within tons of other live dates around the country. From their fame and professionalism they gained a strong fan base and their reputation got them easily on top of the bands to follow.

Releasing Ep’s at least every two years, their creations and compositions never stop. The train is on it’s path to explode the Metal world like a bomb. They know their craft and so it’s like keeping the flame with a higher perspective showing the world they yearn for pleasure. Music is life and so Vicious Nature wants us to live it plenty with them.

In 2015 they crossed borders and went to play in Europe playing many festivals and gaining lots of recognition and support. Since then they have been very active in playing live shows, releasing albums and even a DVD. This last one is an explosion of Thrashing tunes with kick ass riffs to pound you to the ground.

Have a listen :

A team composed of Andy Southwell – Guitar (ex Marshall Law), Andy Pyke – Vocals (ex Marshall Law), Jon “JB” Brown – Drums (ex Cloven Hoof), Mark Culley – Bass (ex Cerebral Fix and Drown) and more recently, Declan Parry – Bass (ex Marshall Law) . Four tracks with an intro giving of taste of pleasure with influences from the best tunes ever created in Thrash Metal. A live song at the end as a new gift.

Melodies and heavy riffs in the vein of late eighties Thrash Metal bands. Influences ranging from Overkill, Forbidden , Slayer, Metal Church, Grip Inc.. This third album called seven is a masterpiece , no doubt this band is getting such feedback. With the quality of the song you would expect more songs. The band is currently writing new songs as due to health issue they had to change bass player.

Neither less to say Vicious Nature is always composing and ready to conquer the world with their amazing creations. A good bass sound, vocal melodies, heavy riffs and loud pounding drums, you’ll check your butt and head bang like mad. A must have if you haven’t got it already 98/100.


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