Beneath the Hollow : “Nilhilist” CD & Digital Self Released.

Beneath the Hollow : "Nilhilist" CD & Digital Self Released.
Beneath the Hollow : "Nilhilist" CD & Digital Self Released.
Beneath the Hollow : "Nilhilist" CD & Digital Self Released.
Beneath the Hollow : “Nilhilist” CD & Digital Self Released.

Beneath the Hollow : “Nilhilist” CD & Digital Self Released.

Written by Kelly Tuimaualuga 

I was not expecting the angry brutality when it was suggested I listen to Nihilist, a 6 track EP released in 2018, by the Heavy Metal band out of Chicago, USA – Beneath The Hollow. At first listen I was blown away by the vicious nature of their lyrics, their drum tracks, vocals, heavy riffs and bass.  There was no way I could stop at one track and as I took in the entire EP with a grimacing smile I knew this was HEAVY Metal power!

Beneath The Hollow were formed in 2003, by founders and brothers Matt & Jesse DeGroot at the young ages of just 10 and 13. I was impressed to learn that at the ages of 13 and 16 these great metal musicians had released their first full length album titled Epidemic.

16 years on, and with changes to their line-up, the band have given us Nihilist. This 6 track EP is a heavy metal experience of pure brutality. You can expect vocal styles of deadly deepened screams and growls with such urgency and anger as well as some melodic touches, without creating any form of softness to the savagery.  Enter Spineless, which is one of my favourite tracks on the EP. The lyric experience is one of anger and torment – this was clearly written about someone not too popular with the boys and musically; has devastating metal impact, which is oh so good.

The band is made up of Matt DeGroot on drums, Jesse DeGroot on guitars, Aaron Revels on vocals and Tyler Williams on bass and they are a force that must be heard.

Clear influences by Slipknot and Tool can be heard vaguely on this EP, and I say vaguely as these boys have their own unique stamp on the metal world and are not trying to be anyone other than themselves with the music they are creating.

Beneath The Hollow are not strangers to the touring scene and have done some huge gigs with the likes of Soufly, Nile, Eyehategod and Mushroom head to name a few.

The boys are back in the studio working on their first full length album and I am eager to hear what erupts from this when it hits the deck!

If you chase a punch to the throat and kick to the guts metal experience like I do, than you cannot go wrong with the work that Beneath The Hollow have produced on their Nihilist EP.

For all social and streaming content as well as Nihilist and band merch purchases, visit their site, Bandcamp and follow them on Facebook.

Beneath the Hollow album
Beneath the Hollow album
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