Fury : ‘Born To Sin’ CD 18th of March 2022 Self released. UK AOR / Heavy Metal band.

Fury : ‘Born To Sin’ CD 18th of March 2022 Self released. UK AOR / Heavy Metal band.
Fury : ‘Born To Sin’ CD 18th of March 2022 Self released. UK AOR / Heavy Metal band.
Fury : ‘Born To Sin’ CD 18th of March 2022 Self released. UK AOR / Heavy Metal band.
Fury : ‘Born To Sin’ CD 18th of March 2022 Self released. UK AOR / Heavy Metal band.

Fury : ‘Born To Sin’ CD 18th of March 2022 Self-released. UK AOR / Heavy Metal band. 

When it comes down to music albums, these days have big expectations compared to the early days. Music has evolved and digital sound has pushed the boundaries. Blasting eye-catching cover artwork explodes the visual aspect to usually kicking your heart with passion. 

Such artwork is most of the time, to show you the music will be a heavy metal album to blast the music scene. Sadly it is with disappointment It is not. Fury is known for entertaining the masses with catchy riffs.

While I liked the previous album which had a popish sound approach but was still heavy. The band has definitively decided to keep that melting sound,  big record labels love to sell out to the world. If it was a pop album, it would gain the top in the charts and would play on every radio station as a TV show. 

Yet this is not a pop album, but it is for a sure a mix of eighties goodies. It’s like cooking, take the best recipe. Add this riff, take that part, pinch some popish sound, mix in the blender, and bam you got that album. Listening to ‘born to sin’ is like listening to an album a band released quickly to please the record label. 

In Fury’s case, as they don’t have a label, it feels much like making an album to give credit to their favorites bands of the eighties. I classify them as AOR since they have influences from Pop to Heavy Metal that bleeds through their songs.

Becky Baldwin: « We also employ one of the oldest folklores, in our tale of selling 

our souls to the devil for fortune and fame.”

Check this out :

Influences from: Triumph, Meat Loaf, Anvil, Dio, Mama’s Boys, Judas Priest, Twisted Sister, Motley Crue, Motorhead, Brian Adams, Doro, Bonnie Tyler, Golden Earring, Metallica 

I’ve been spreading and supporting underground bands as I always thought they would be the future. I too believed I would leave a trace with my band when I realized they are better musicians than myself.  But there is a reason the eighties bands are still here!

I must say this new Fury album is boring, it annoys me so much I won’t listen to it again. Song after song, the chorus sang three times to get the song longer.. I had to get to the next one faster than I expected. I normally take a few days to review an album after I listened many times to dig it.

This time one play was enough, I was going to the end and was desperate feeling like ‘crying when I think about you… ‘ no, it’s not a Vixen cover album sorry. But pressing play for the last track shocked me so much I press stop faster than I usually do!

Originality is hard to get those days and it’s great to hear the influences but when it’s like covering in a bad way meaning ‘stealing’ that makes it so bad. The last track is Metallica metal militia’ at a slower speed in down-tuned guitar play. Damn this is a massacre! 

If they use the typical eighties song style with the ballad in the middle, using pieces of the hit singles that we all know makes it a not liking album. I prefer listening to the original songs. Only the guitar solos are great. Never like cover bands or albums that sound like..I must give credit to the passion of these musicians and all energy they give to keep the music going to entertain us.

 Julian Jenkins : “Born To Sin has everything you’d expect from a Fury album »

Mixed by Pete Newdeck

Mastered by Harry Hess

Artwork by Very Metal Art

A good album to party with your friends 55,5/100.


Fury 2022 Tour Dates.

More shows TBA

11/03 – The Yorkshireman, Sheffield, UK

25/03 – Level III, Swindon, UK

31/03 – The Globe, Newcastle, UK

01/04 – The Waterloo, Blackpool, UK

02/04 – Bannermans, Edinburgh, UK

03/04 – UK Bass Guitar Show, Liverpool, UK

07/04 – Hare and Hounds, Birmingham, UK

08/04 – Nambucca, London, UK

09/04 – Komedia, Brighton, UK

10/04 – Sub 89, Reading, UK

14/04 – Cobblestones, Bridgwater, UK

15/04 – The Firehouse, Southampton, UK

16/04 – The Black Prince, Northampton, UK

01/05 – Brixham Pirate Festival, UK

05/05 – The Met Lounge, Peterborough, UK

06/05 – B2, Norwich, UK

12/05 – The Star and Garter, Manchester, UK

13/05 – Ivory Blacks, Glasgow, UK

14/05 – County Music Bar, Chesterfield, UK

20/05 – Fuel Rock Club, Cardiff, UK

21/05 – Boom, Leeds, UK
04/06 – Breaking Bands Festival, Bromsgrove, UK

09/06 – Boardie Takeover, Download Festival, UK

26/06 – Uprising Festival, Leicester, UK

30/06 – Yardbirds, Grimsby, UK

01/07 – SOS Festival, Manchester, UK

16/07 – The Carlisle, Hastings, UK

21/09 – De Cafe Meister, Geleen, NL

23/09 – Rising Fest, Dijon, FR

29/09 – Backstage Rockcafe, Konstanz, DE

30/09 – Club Bastion, Kirchheim Unter Teck, DE

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