How can I get the printed copy?

Formely Answered Questions
Formely Answered Questions
Formely Answered Questions
Formally Answered Questions

How can I get the printed copy?

I’m happy and grateful you like my work and want to own a printed copy of The Metal Mag for your memory.

It is very simple to get your printed copy, head over the Shop in the top menu. 

What you will see , two pictures of the magazines issues. One has a sticker called “Sales” and the other one has a button called “Read More“.

To get the printed copy of the magazine, you just have to click on “Read More“. You will then enter the page of the issue you want to purchase.

You can even have a small taste of what is inside, then it’s just simple click buy and you will be sent to the printer’s site.

You just have to enter your informations and the amount of copies you want , then you’re done. 

It will be delivered to your mail box.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to leave a message on the “Contact” page.

Thank you for your interest and don’ t forget to tell your friends.

    About TheeEditor
    The Metal Mag was born in 1998 in England, the wish to support Metal bands in the world. A magazine is readable for free with live video interviews and link to partners.

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