Why I can’t read the mag online like before?

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Formely Answered Questions
Formely Answered Questions
Formely Answered Questions

Why I can’t read the mag online like before?

When I started The Metal Mag, I spent a lot of money trying to publish it. I ended up loosing lots of money.

During that time I went across companies such as Adobe who released a great software.

Back in 1998 the internet started to grow slowly, I so was the first to create a magazine as PDF. That format was mostly used for companies who wanted to share documents and modify on the go things,  no matter where they were in the world.

So I had the idea ‘why not creating the magazine as PDF ?’ . It all started very quickly as the software Acrobat, could help you do that easily.

I started the first mags this way. Problem was the internet speed wasn’t as it is today. So people had hard times to open and download depending on you computer system and ISP (Internet Service Provider).

With time Internet evolved as fast as a shark and soon the PDF became something easy to download.

I found a website that helps you get your magazine readable online for anyone. This was much easier than those who made Flash files that got very quickly killed by the same companies and of course the rivalry between PC and MACs.

Problems are in this world , people want free things and fast. I found the website called ISSU.

That was a great way to have the magazine readable online. Yet those companies ask you money. It is a complete fight to get your business working without having to bargain others who make money online.

Due to people not following my website and going rather to ISSU one, that makes money with your work. I decided to stop the online FREE magazine and see how many would be willing to buy those PDF you can carry anywhere as reading it too.

In 2016 the wish to have printed magazine became more an more on demand by the fans. I first did it for myself as I have lost the earliest ones on early computers and got fortunately back ups on Hard Drives.

As a conclusion , you can now purchase the PDF magazine as the printed one for your pleasure right from the Shop.

About TheeEditor
The Metal Mag was born in 1998 in England, the wish to support Metal bands in the world. A magazine is readable for free with live video interviews and link to partners.

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