Ragaraja : “Egosphere” CD Self Released 1st November 2019.

Ragaraja : "Egosphere" CD Self Released 1st November 2019.
Ragaraja : "Egosphere" CD Self Released 1st November 2019.
Ragaraja : "Egosphere" CD Self Released 1st November 2019.
Ragaraja : “Egosphere” CD Self Released 1st November 2019.

Ragaraja : “Egosphere” CD Self Released 1st November 2019.

French NuMetal / Alternative Rock band. The music for the new breed as they said back in 1995… 

Ragaraja is a band that brings that anger the nineties bands used to express with a mix of Rap and Metal tunes. Born in the digital era , their image and music is right in time for those medias. A powerful cover artwork exploding your sighting senses and getting inspired by listening to the content. The band’s name at first may think of an Indian band but it is not the case. The band is hailing from France capital! 

Screams and extreme distortion, this is what Ragaraja is about. No solos, ballads..; it’s pure anger and it kills. I was not aware those kind of bands still exist but they are. A vocalist talking a lot like Rap singers do but with tons of distortion. While it is sung in French it is very hard to understand the lyrics. The new kids will love the explosion that spills out from this album.

This new album “Egosphere” is written about freedom in every means possible for our life. They have released a previous mini EP a year earlier. This young band is pretty much right with the music scene as the country is completely devoured by Rap music. So it is not with surprise it is bringing this old NuMetal style in the country. Down tuned guitars and distortion brings the explosion of kick ass tunes to please everyone who needs a good punch in the face. 

Ragaraja speaks to all who have the wish to get away from this reality that is burning our lives and consumes us. The ninth track is without voice distortion in most of the song, so if you like that Rap / Slam style with someone speaking like he’s reading a book. Then this is for you! 

Here is a song to get you in the mood :


Influences from NTM, Pleymo, Periphery, Thy Art is Murder, Hacktivist, Limp Bizkit,Slipknot, Soulfly

Ten songs with an intro and a bonus song to end the album. You can get the album in digital format or simply as a CD to own in your collection from their Bandcamp page. You’ve been warned it’s an explosion of feelings. I regret that most of the songs sound like one and gives the album a line musically but if you are into this kind of band , then get it now 75/100.


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